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I’ve realized that I’ve come too far to let my faith slip. I find solace in knowing that God is with me even when I feel alone. Have a great day, y’all! Side note: Check this rod set out though. Lol! #PatienceIsKey #NaturalHair #NaturalGirl#RodSet #NaturallyDope #CurlyGirl #NaturallySheIsDope #ShrinkageIsDope

The munchkins! The bottom pic is AJ’s attempt at writing music! #LoveMyNieces #HarveyMusicians #DynamicDuo #ItsInTheirBlood

This is Alexie Joi! My outgoing, outspoken, tell it like it is, old spirited, no nonsense niece. She was 10 months in this picture. This post is inspired by her. 

I was on the phone with my mom earlier and she was telling me that AJ (her nickname) told her that the kids at school call her ugly, stanky butt and funky. My heart dropped because I know my brother makes sure she’s bathed, clean and pressed EVERY day. Yes, I said my brother. That’s another story for another day. 

I asked my mom “Well, what does she say back to them?” 

Side note: AJ is sweet as pie but she spits hot fiya! The girl has a verbal assault so vicious, she’ll have your great grandma thinking twice about what she said. 

My mom said “She said she just laughs and tells her teacher.”

I’ve said before that she has such an old soul and the fact that she lets it roll off and is essentially “unbothered” makes me so proud. It also makes me want to step in and take the shots for her. She’s so kind and so smart and so witty. What’s not to love about her? Why would her peers set out to hurt her? I know she isn’t hurt but I am. I empathize with her. 

I was called ugly, porky, piggy, fatty, roly poly and other cruel, unimaginable things. And I let it roll off because I wouldn’t let anyone see me sweat but inside I was dying because I couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t like me. I was nice to everybody. I didn’t even bother other kids. I wonder if she’s doing the same thing. If she’s internalizing the hurt and the pain. 

I wish I could just grab her and hug her and hold her and tell her she’s beautiful and she smells so good (because she always does lol)!! But I wish that I could be half as strong as she is even at just 4 years old.

(AJ & her little sister, my other niece, Aeryn)

I admire her leadership (she takes charge of any situation), her big heart, her tender spirit, her reassurance, her warm welcomes and her love for all no matter how badly they treat her. 

She has this tendency to give of herself so freely and selflessly. I love that about her. I love that she can ignore cruel kids and savage beasts.

-Brown Girl 

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About last night….”Lost Files”….or whateva.

There’s something about giving of myself selflessly that makes me happy! #GiveBack #PayItForward #Mentor

Good morning, loves! Have a great day!!

ACE, clu6 & me! #DeltasSupportingAlphas #DSTSupportingAPhiA

ACE & me! #DSTSupportingAPhiA #DeltasSupportingAlphas

I felt ultra feminine & southern tonight! Enjoyed the Miss Black & Gold pageant. Congratulations, @randomosityofrhonda! #DSTSupportingAPhiA #DeltasSupportingAlpha

Operation slim this midsection is in progress. No time for games. Join if you wish, loves.

-Brown Girl ♡

Before, during & after the test. #Drained

Present situation. #DoNotDisturb #DrAerykaMHarveyMD #MedicalSchool #MedLife #MDLife #20Days #TheMedicalRedz


Katherine Hepburn and Lena Horne at MGM’s 25th anniversary luncheon, 1949

someone please caption this

Caption: Shut up bitch. It ain’t the damn funny.


Katherine Hepburn and Lena Horne at MGM’s 25th anniversary luncheon, 1949

someone please caption this

Caption: Shut up bitch. It ain’t the damn funny.

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If you ever wonder what it’s like to have an afro this is it. (x)

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This story is on my blog and Facebook, but it’s not as big as thee Mike Browns, Ferguson or Trayvon Martins type of news, but it’s tremendously huge to me and some. This young boy dealt with bullying which is a major silent killer of the society we live in. He grew weary and took a gun to school to take his own life in the boys bathroom. This story was reported two weeks ago. Shaq was the young boy nickname as a metaphor bc he actually was bullied bc he had growing challenges, he was very small to be 14yrs old, his bodied wasn’t found until 11pm later that night…which is a mystery bc all day no one didn’t notice he was missing or concern. What makes the story more said is his parents moved to Florida from New York to stop the bullies attacking their son which apparently still didn’t work. Also they just buried their 3week old baby and now they will bury their middle son Shaq. My heart is extremely heavy, and hits to close to home for me. Suicide and bullying are massive silent killers. I want everyone to speak out against bullying and suicide. #RIPSHAQ #LAMARHAWKINS #SUICIDE #BULLYING 💔

Rest easy baby.

Rest in Paradise

My heart hurts.. Rip my love

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