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Good morning all!! Operating on 3hrs of sleep but I’m still smiling!! S/O to Heavenly Hands Beauty Salon (@word2ya_motha yes I just made that up) lol! Thanks a lot! #NaturalHair #NaturalHairDaily #NaturalGirl #Curlygirl


Tyler Perry, “There Is An Appointed Time For Everything.”

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"what I did"

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I have someone I want y’all to meet!

This chick is simply amazing! She’s not just my friend but she’s my sista! She is my OWTspoken, OWTgoing, GAWGeous line sister and I know she got my back from 3 places behind.

She’s new to this Tumblr thang so show her some love, reblog erthang she post, and chat with her. She will definitely make you laugh!

OO-OOP, my sawrah! OO-OOP!

-Brown Girl♡

Her url is graduatediva22



Hands down this was the most powerful pic I took yesterday as 712 proud young men and women walked across the stage at Clark Atlanta University with a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees. In which 99% were “minorities” and 40 % being first generation College graduates!! #success #HBCUPride



We are more than what the media makes us out to be.

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When you start seeing your worth, you’ll find it harder to stay around people who don’t.
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Meet Moziah Bridges.

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All Black Women Are Beautiful, Intelligent, & Enpowering So Love and Cherish Them Completely But Most Important Support Them
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On behalf of all women:

Never, ever think that because YOU THOUGHT you gave a woman (who’s independent and has no desire to glued to, tied to or obsessed with any man) your BEST SOBER dick/head that she’ll be attached to or obsessed with you.

Never think your dick/head game is so superb that the equivalent or greater can’t be found by the grown ass woman that mind fucked you outcha mouth & briefs..or boxers…which ever tickles your fancy. And always, always, always remember that she wants you in her life, she damn sure doesn’t need you. Other dicks/mouths were available; yours was just the one she felt like being bothered with at the time.

K, pumpkin?

-Brown Girl♡

Present situation… #MCATFlashcards #BehavioralSciences #MCATPrep #MedSchool #MedicalSchool #MDStatus #ClaimingIt #WorkingForWhatIveBeenPrayingFor #LeapsAndBounds #StudyBreak #QuietTime #DrAerykaMHarveyMD

RP From @appealing_heart! Some of you are repeat offenders of this crime!#GrammarNazi


friends are supposed to make you feel good about yourself

just remember that

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My baes for the next 6-8 weeks. #BoutThatMDLife #MedSchool #PrayForMe #MovinTowardsWhatIveBeenPrayinFor #Faith